Bangkok United: Falkesgaard; Van Nau, Van Hau, McDonald, Duy Manh, Van Kien, Duc Huy, Quang Hai, Saturnino, Bihr, Petch, Trisrã Do, Vander Luiz, Pokklaw, Sanchez, Chunuonsee, Anon, Peerapat

Hung Quyet, Oseni

Press F5 lớn update …

Highlights 1st half Bangkok Utd vs.

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Hanoi FC

45 & # 39 ;: First half ended

40 & # 39 ;: No: Oseni has once again had the chance to face the Bangkok United goalkeeper Falkesgaard, still not losing his opponent.

34 và # 39 ;: No entry. The kết thúc of Hung Dung is extremely dangerous, the Bangkok United goalkeeper stops the ball khổng lồ push the ball across the bar.

& # 39 ;: No entry. Bangkok United has crossed the ball in the penalty area, but the goal has not yet reached.

29 & # 39 ;: Vander launched a dangerous shot from a distance to lớn Hanoi's goal.

24 và # 39 ;: Bangkok United struông xã the right và a cross aimed at Peerapat in a remote post, but Van Kien took the first spot lớn break the ball before

19 và # 39 ;: No way. Oseni went on a ball tốc độ in the Bangkok United penalty and hit the finish, unfortunately he did not go after the opponent's goalkeeper.

16 & # 39 ;: Right now the shooting of Hanoi. FC from outside the penalty area, the goalkeeper of Bangkok United took the ball.

12 & # 39 ;: Continuing khổng lồ be a chaotic situation in Hanoi FC, from a miễn phí kiông chồng from Bangkok Utd creates a risk when

10 và # 39 ;: Van Hau's yellow thẻ then made a foul of his opponent.

8 & # 39 ;: No. Recently, a dangerous corner of the kiông xã situation of Bangkok Utd, but no goal was scored.

5 & # 39 ;: Omar had just had a situation where he tried to lớn pass the ball in front of Bangkok United,

3 & # 39 ;: fell inlớn the penalty area of ​​Hanoi FC, the referee pointed out that there was no error in this situation.

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1 & # 39 ;: Starts a half-time match

If Bangkok Bangkok is lớn be won, Hanoi FC will play a final match against Shandong Luneng (China) lớn compete for the AFC Champions League. This is the club that owns the signature of midfielder Man Utd Fellaini. Fellaini joined Shandong Luneng during the previous winter transfer window.

<19659003> General judgment

The championship V-League 2018 has won, but still need lớn play Hanoi FC qualifying to lớn win tickets lớn the AFC Champions League. Ha Hoi FC's first opponent is Bangkok United, the leading team in Thái Lan. In 2018, Bangkok Utd took second, just behind the Buriram United championship.

Bangkok United owns a Brazilian coach, this is Mr. Alexandre Polking. Due lớn the acquisition of Bangkok United in 2014, Mr. Polking the team from the top position in the Tnhì League khổng lồ reach the top 3.

On the edge of Hanoi FC, Chu Dinc Nghiem's ​​crew is well regarded as a competitor, but his students have earned of trust. Duy Manh, Quang Hai, Van Hau or Hung Dung get confidence after attending AFF Cup 2018 & Asian Cup 2019. More specifically, Hanoi has more unique personnel when its own goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung . The last stop pin is safe, the players above sầu are more confident in opening ball control and deploying attacks.