Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata

Authors: Musha, Sabu (Art), Maruto, Fumiaki (Story)Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, SeinenManga Disclaimer: This reviews is based solely on the manga’s content, & while I may make references lớn existing adaptations, there will be no spoilers mentioned.

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Imagine the mainline series Saenai Heroine, except with the harem element removed completely, và all of the related chaos along with it. That’s Koisuru Metronome, or Metronome in Love.

The series begins when big-time fan hâm mộ Aki Tomoya meets the idol behind his favourite book, Kasumi Utako(that’s her pen name, which I much prefer over“Long-Ass-Name Utaha”). Kasumi also discovers that Aki goes to lớn the same school he does. Over time, they meet up to lớn talk about her novel, & in the process, she develops an infatuation for him.A year later, Kasumi’s previous editor, Machida, has received a promotion and can no longer attend to lớn her as before, and suggested that Tomoya be Kasumi’s part-time editor instead, to lớn work on a sequel to her bestselling novel.

And that’s where this spinfoff story begins.

Art Quality

My favourite drawings are of Kasumi’s lush hair. Look at that.



Look at that lens flare.

The art style shifts between regular dimensions and chibi dimensions, which plays into the comedic aspect of the show.




That rich purple.

Art chất lượng score: 7.5/10


Tomoya really does have a genuine passion for the novel Metronome in Love (as he’s read it twenty times over, và it never fails lớn make him cry). He’s just oblivious to her feelings for him.

He even made a fansite for her novel without being paid a single cent, running on pure passion.

Hence. Every action, suggestion, và nitpick as an editor is khổng lồ ensure that his idol’s sequel will be a bigger success than its predecessor. This is one of the reasons Machida selected him to lớn be the editor.The other reason is that he’s the only one whom Kasumi does not display her cold hostile attitude to(as previous editors have suffered), và of course, that she is aware Kasumi’s infatuation for Tomoya, & often teases her about it. Hence, Tomoya’s involvment in the project has its pros và cons, and it looks lượt thích Machida decided the risks were worth it.

Note how he said “Kasumi Utako”, and not her actual name.

Whenever Tomoya & Kasumi talk about the novel’s progress và she gets bored, she begins to lớn tease him by mixing in subtle flirts in her responses or even does some rather saucy gestures, much to lớn Tomoya’s frustration as he tries to steer the topic back lớn relevancy.

And that’s the appeal I got from the manga, the wholesomeness of just seeing her dote all over him every chance she gets. That’s what kept me reading on.

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One appeal lớn Kasumi is that she has massive thighs. While she doesn’t show them off, they’re very noticeable.

One of my favourite scenes in this manga is when Tomoya & Kasumi visit a place to vày research for her novel, and she mentions that there’s a specific place she wants to lớn go. This place is up a hill, unfortunately, và Kasumi wasn’t dressed for the occasion. Tomoya then carried her on his back, & walked up the hill. Touched by this, she pulls a little closer to him as a “reward”.

This totally counts as a hug.

And this scene is not even in Chapter 30 or 40, oh no. This is straight out of the gate at Chapter 2. This is not the only one. Several other such scenes mixed in with various degrees of spice are sprinkled throughout the manga, just that some are spaced further apart than others.

Unbeknowst lớn Tomoya (because he’s an oblivous guy anyway), it is also revealed near the beginning that while Kasumi is a genius at writing romance novels, she is actually love-starved and longs for some sort of intimate interaction(because surprise surprise, she has zero relationship experience). Along comes this guy at a fan-signing event who passionately talks about the thing she spent her blood, sweat, and tears on. Put two và two together, và sparks fly.Therefore, her throwing him flirt after tease after saucy gesture is her most genuine expression of her feelings for him. Coincidentally, Tomoya comments on her great ability to accurately express the genuine feelings of the characters in her novel (yeah, this manga does that a lot. There are plenty of mirror images between Kasumi’s works & her interactions with Tomoya).One thing that eroded such scenes is Tomoya giving the same reaction over and over again, as if the barrage of indirect advances she made on him had no effect. The only visible effect during such shenanigans is him blushing, though that’s about it. There’s no progression of his defenses wearing down và such, which would lead khổng lồ him questioning his role as an edtior, & THAT would have made for good character development. But, the same does not apply to lớn Kasumi, for she can see the effect being an editor has on Tomoya and even on his life. At times, it pains her to lớn see him lượt thích that. Other times, she indirectly expresses her gratitude for him taking on his journey with her. You could say that Kasumi bears the burden of character development for both of them.I shoud point out that the manga did not attempt khổng lồ portray an age-old cliche where the whole reason Kasumi took up writing is because she actually met Tomoya years ago and because she couldn’t accurate convey her feelings to lớn him, she took up writing instead. THAT would certainly ruin it. Kasumi’s talent is certainly her own, even with suspension of disbelief.And speaking of suspension of disbelief, you’ll need a few pinches of it, because the way that Tomoya tries lớn get Kasumi out of her ruts (segments in the manga where she cannot write or make a scene work) seems a bit off. Sometimes, when he mentions that certain parts don’t feel right, they end up in full-blown arguments, and her personal feelings for him don’t help one bit.

When you argue like a newlywed couple over things, yet you’re not a couple.

Along the way, other characters join the fray, such as Sagara Mayu, who comes on board as an illustrator for the novel’s sequel. She and Tomoya initially don’t see eye lớn eye on a few things, so it is interesting to lớn see how they not only resolve their differences, but how Tomoya manages khổng lồ convice Sagara khổng lồ understand his perspective of things. This is important because she has to breathe life into the characters written out by Kasumi, and she can’t vì chưng that without understanding the characters, and by extension, Kasumi’s perspective of them.Even more characters show up in the later stages of the manga, where it shifts into a different gear, & they too have different opinions and perspective on Kasumi’s novel & it us up khổng lồ editor Tomoya khổng lồ see that the novel makes it through.

Characters score: 8.0/10


The story makes a slow start, as Kasumi herself isn’t initially sure how to top her magnum opus, but that’s fine, because while they figure things out, she gets to lớn tease Tomoya all the way, as mentioned above, so no real stalling there.There are various tongue-in-cheek references, including the mainline series.

My favourite jab at the main series.

The major slowdowns happen during her arguments with Tomoya, as they seem lớn be drawn out & slow to lớn resolve, yet Kasumi somehow “magically” pulls through some of them & submits the draft extremely close lớn the deadline(typical anime/manga shenanigans). This is the reason why the first section of the manga takes a while khổng lồ progress.

The second section is Sagara Mayu’s arrival, and as she is directly involved with the novel (in terms of illustrations), this adds a new element into plot development.

This novel continues well into Kasumi và Tomoya finishing high school, và him having juggle between entrance exams and the novel’s progress.Even after that, the plot still continues with the possibility of the novel being selected lớn be an anime adaptation, và mind you, this is rather late in the manga. Writing a novel is worlds apart compared to making an adaptation. As the anime staff comes in to talk with the team, there’s more character interaction, và to my surprise, I found out a great giảm giá khuyến mãi about the process of adapting a novel into an anime series. There’s even a risk of the anime adaptation going south and ruining the reputation of the novel, and once again, it is up lớn Tomoya to get everyone on the same page, stretching his ability as an editor further than he has ever gone before.Plot evolution, và knowledge. Now that’s valuable. Even with the drawn-out arguments, the entire manga is only 51 chapters spread over 10 volumes, which isn’t that long.I’d say that the ending was too abrupt for my taste. I just didn’t feel the weight behind said ending, but it did manage lớn tie in the manga’s various stages rather nicely.

Plot score: 7.0/10

Score Summary

Art quality score: 7.5/10

Characters score: 8.0/10

Plot score: 7.0/10


You have a great girl drawn beautifully. Her infatuation with the main character is fun lớn follow as she genuinely appreciates what he does, either directly or indirectly. The plot has some stale spots & drawn-out argument scenes, but it does evolve several times as the months go by. New characters come along and showroom spice lớn the events.

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