Learn english grammar in mind map

Learning made easy và fun through mind maps. Compare and summarize grammar knowledge in a mind map to make it easy lớn understand and retain.

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Grammar doesn"t have to lớn be boring. You can make it funnier through mind bản đồ and more kinds of infographics such as worksheet and T chart. In a mind map, the relationship between different points becomes obvious, which is beneficial for retention since human brain can remember organized things better. To lớn illustrate this, some examples are presented below.

Example 1 Past Simple Vs. Past Continuous

We often use the past continuous & the past simple tense together. It is necessary to lớn know their differences. Generally, the past continuous states a longer, background action or situation và the past simple describes the action or events. Learn their differences in detail through the following mind map. Master their forms as well as uses.


Click the picture lớn view large version.

Example 2 English Syntax

List all you should know about English syntax in a single mind map. Everything becomes organized, clear & fun.


Click the picture to download this template.

The above mind maps templates are created by Edraw"s miễn phí mind map tool. You can also tải về this không lấy phí tool lớn make mind map of your own style.

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Video tutorial: how lớn make an effective mind map.

You can tải về and customize the above mind maps templates to lớn summarize other knowledge.

Double click the shape khổng lồ replace text. The shape adjusts its form size automatically according lớn contents.To delete a shape, click on the shape and Press Delete key.To showroom a shape, move the cursor over the shape khổng lồ which you want to showroom a sublevel shape, and then click the action button.To change the mind bản đồ theme, go khổng lồ Mind Map tab, click Mind maps Theme & choose a suitable one from the drop down menu.The arrangement direction of mind map can also be changed at 1 click in Edraw.

A mind bản đồ template about finding the right one is ready to use in vector format for your own designs.


This market research template is well-designed. Use it khổng lồ train your employee on market research. Or modify it to illustrate other topics.


A simple mind bản đồ example created by Edraw mind map software that you can use as a template to assist your mind map designs.

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EdrawMind is a versatile, user-friendly, and professional mind mapping tool. Available on multiple platforms, including PC, tablet, mobile, and web. you can create mind maps & access them from each platform.

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