Etude House Happy With Piglet Color In Liquid Lips Air Mousse Review & Swatches

Etude House"s color in Liquid Lips has launched here, and according lớn their trang web it"s a as a "melted liquid lipstick with the intense color and high shine khổng lồ make provocative yet lovely sheer lips", with "cushiony water-sliding texture" to keep lips "supple and hydrated". In that sense, it"s a product that"s sort of a hybrid between a lipstick and a lipgloss - a liquid lipstick, if you will. Based on appearances, it"s fairly similar to lớn the Dior Addict Fluid Sticks and Maybelline"s color Elixirs, & even looks like a lipstick, although it"s actually a lipgloss! Of course, this is Etude House, so the màu sắc in Liquid Lips comes packaged with a fanciful, princess-y feel, with cute, girly lip motifs.

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Etude House màu sắc in Liquid Lips: A cute, girly take on all the liquid lipstick products going on
There are 20 shades of màu sắc in Liquid Lips in all, but I have 5 of them here, ranging from orange-based shades, lớn pink-based shades, & to reds. So far, they seem to be getting good reviews from other bloggers, so I thought I should get around to lớn reviewing these too!
Etude House color in Liquid Lips: A melted lipstick with intense colour và shine
Of course, I wouldn"t be a good blogger if I didn"t have swatches and nhận xét for you, right? But, because I"m something of an ingredients geek, let"s start by dissecting the ingredients in this product! I promise it"s more interesting than it sounds! Below, the ingredients lists for all 5 shades that I have. You can see that there are some slight differences in ingredients between shades. The differences lie primarily in the shades of pigments used, which provide the different colours in the range, but there are also some minor differences, such as the order of ingredients further down the list. That said, the bulk of the ingredients are the same, và the difference in ingredients from one shade lớn the next isn"t sufficient for me lớn feel any difference in application between the shades.
Etude House màu sắc in Liquid Lips Ingredients: A number of emollients in the product give it a moisturizing feel on lips
The first thing you notice is that the Etude House màu sắc in Liquid Lips is formulated khổng lồ be very moisturizing. The first two ingredients across all the shades are Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides & Ricus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, both of which are emollients. Then there"s Mica, for that "ooh shiny!" effect, Dicalcium Phosphate, an opacifying agent, Polyglyceryl-2 Triisostearate, another emollient that does double duty as an emulsifier, Silica Silylate, a polymer that functions as a thickener và has emollient properties, Stearalkonium Hectorite, which is used as a thickener, and Diisostearyl Malate, another emollient. After that we get all the pigments that give the hàng hóa its colour, & a bunch of plant-derived oils (Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil), và more polymers, silicones, thickeners, emulsifiers, frgrance, & the like. But in short, from the key ingredients, we can tell that this is a hàng hóa that is formulated to lớn be pretty emollient on the lips, so it should be prety moisturizing.
The Etude House color in Liquid Lips has a lips-shaped doe-foot applicator
The màu sắc in Liquid Lips itself has a pretty interesting applicator shape, & it"s basically a modified doe-foot applicator. Not too much to say about this type of applicator - it works well, và given the thick texture of the product, it"s probably better than a brush, và it helps lớn spread out the product. I"m not sure what that hole in the middle is for, I assume it"s lớn stop the applicator from picking up too much product?And below, arm swatches! The key thing is that unlike some of the previous liquid lipstick/lip cream type products Etude House has had, like the và Rose Rosy Lip Tints or the màu sắc Lips Fit Lip Tints, these don"t actually dry down to lớn a matte finish, nor vày they feel matte or dry on the lips. Instead, the finish is glossy and shiny, & the feel is quite moisturizing, owing lớn the emollients in the formulation. For those whose lips have found the other lip products too dry for their liking, this might be the finish that works for you - I guess that"s the "water sliding texture" in action!
Etude House color in Liquid Lips Swatches: OR201, OR205, PK004, PK006, RD301
OR201 Juicy in Juice is a light, bright salmon pink, và on the more warm-toned side.OR205 Made in Sweet is a nice bright orange with a hint of pink that makes it more wearable. This colour really pops, & is quite bright.PK004 Rose in Bloom is a bright cool-toned magenta pink. This isn"t the exact same shade of hot pink, but it is close. It is bright!PK006 Always in Pink is a cool-toned bright pink that is paler and not as deep as PK004.RD301 I Am in Love is a straight up primary red. Perhaps it leans a little warm, but it looks quite close lớn the fire engine shade of primary red.Now, for some lip swatches! Sorry these are a little messy - I promise that when you"re not looking at my lips with 30x magnification, they don"t look that bad in real life! So please excuse the smudgey bits here và there!
Etude House màu sắc in Liquid Lips Swatch in OR201 Juicy in Juice
Frst up, OR201 Juicy in Juice. This is a bit patchy when applied, althoug you can"t really see it in the photo, which is a problem I don"t have with the other shades. Perhaps it"s because it"s a pale shade, and my lips are pigmented? In any case, it feels nice và smooth going on. Honestly, this was not my favourite shade, because of the patchiness, but also just because it looked a bit washed out on me. Maybe this might be great for warm-toned, fair girls.

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Etude House color in Liquid Lips Swatch in OR205 Made in Sweet
Next up, OR205 Made in Sweet. You can really see the bright orange-y-ness of this shade here. It"s very nice, although not quite my shade because it"s a tad too orange for me. As you can see, this one has excellent coverage & pigmentation. Just a couple of swipes, và you get full coverage. It feels smooth và emollient too.
Etude House màu sắc in Liquid Lips Swatch in PK004 Rose in Boom
Here is PK004 Rose in Bloom. It looks almost red in the photo, but trust me, it"s not red - just bright magenta pink! This does have a bit of neon-ness going on when applied, like most of the other shades. It"s definitely brighter than it looks in the photos - think of the colour intensity of OR205, but bright magenta pink instead of bright orange. This is probaby my favourite shade of the 5 I have.
Etude House màu sắc in Liquid Lips Swatch in PK006 Always in Pink
PK006 Always in Pink also has that "a little too pale for my skin" vibe, but otherwise, it is a very nice shade. For cool-toned, pale girls, this might be a bright shade that is bold but still harmonizes with your skintone. Although it"s a slightly lighter shade, it covers well - the pigmentation on this is excellent, too.
Etude House màu sắc in Liquid Lips Swatch in RD301 I Am in Love
Lastly, RD301 I Am in Love is a straight up opaque red, so I don"t have too much to say about it. If you love reds, you should definitely kiểm tra this shade out. It looks nice và glossy, và feels nice on the skin, too.
Etude House color in Liquid Lips is smooth & glossy, thus making the feel & weartime closer khổng lồ lipgloss than lipstick
As a whole, the Etude House màu sắc in Liquid Lips feel very moisturizing & emollient on my lips, which is in line with what I expected from the formulation of the product. They were also very pigmented, và coverage is opaque. I have pretty pigmented lips naturally, but these covered them very well. They also have some staining properties - if you apply this, sit for awhile, và wipe it off, you will see some of the colour tinting your lip, which is pretty cool. (In fact, I still have some of the color in Liquid Lips swatch stripes along my arm, although I"ve already showered!) The downside is that because they are emollient và glossy, they do wear off faster than a typical, drier, lip stain might, and the lasting nguồn is more akin khổng lồ a lipgloss than a lipstick. But that"s not a big khuyến mãi for me, since I just reapply as và when needed.
Etude House màu sắc in Liquid Lips: Great pigmentation, moisturizing on lips, & a nice glossy finish khổng lồ boot
So, would I recommend the Etude House màu sắc in Liquid Lips? If you don"t expect them to lớn last forever on your lips, then yes! These have a nice glossy texture, are moisturizing and emollient on the lips, và have great pigmentation to lớn boot! and at SGD$17.90, they don"t break the ngân hàng either. I bởi appreciate that Etude House puts out great quality makeup in fun, bright colurs at a price that isn"t exhorbitant (and with girly packaging lớn boot!), and the color in Liquid Lips is no exception, either. It"s definitely worth checking out if you"re looking for a liquid lipstick with a glossy finish, or a pigmented lipgloss, or if you just want a cheaper alternative to lớn the Dior Fluid Sticks. Recommended? Pigmentation Texture Application Colour Lasting PowerThe Bottom Line: The Etude House màu sắc in Liquid Lips are moisturizing, have a glossy finish, & great pigmentation too, at a price that makes them worth the money.
Yes, a great glossy liquid lipstick 9/10 9/10 8/10 8/107/10

(Product was sent for review. Reviews is my complete & honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)

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