2021 Newest Dell Vostro 3500 Business Laptop, 15

The Vostro 3500 has Intel"s lathử nghiệm hardware & Nvidia"s GeForce G310M graphic card in a new aluminum case, as well as a few improvements in the configuration to lớn offer in this Đánh Giá. As usual, Dell also offers numerous options besides that.

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Dell Vostro 3500 Notebook

Dell addresses in particular small businesses with the Vostro family. If you are looking for an inexpensive sầu business device with contemporary hardware, you can select either a 15.6 inch Vostro 3500 or the 17.3 inch Vostro 3700.

The 15 inch Mã Sản Phẩm with a Core i5 430M processor, dedicated Nvidia GeForce 310M graphic thẻ & a fast 3trăng tròn GB hard disk with 7200 rpm is put khổng lồ the thử nghiệm. As typical for Dell, the Vostro 3500 can be configured comprehensively, though. The available options will be dealt with in detail below. Sections that are strongly dependent on the utilized hardware, such as performance, emissions and battery life, aren"t necessarily true for other, differently equipped models.


There are three different colors available for the display lid and lateral edges: Silver (Aberdeen Silver) as our prototype, or for a surcharge of 30.00 lỗi copper (Brisbane Bronze) or red (Lucerne Red). The case itself is made of aluminum & plastic and has been manufactured precisely.

There"s nothing to lớn complain about as khổng lồ the aluminum lid"s stability. It only twists marginally when picked up at a corner with one h& & it managed our pressure thử nghiệm without problems. In any event, there aren"t any image deviations. You can be just as satisfied with the base unit"s pressure và torsional stiffness. The case merely yields slightly in the area of the optical drive under stronger pressure. The wrist-rest is made in a matt blaông chồng plastic that has a pleasant feel.

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The angled hinges mounted on the screen restrict the opening angle lớn about 130 degrees. They keep the display securely in position và only teeter a bit after adjusting the opening angle.

The dimensions of 275 millimeter (width) x 250 millimeters (depth) và a height that increases from 22.9 (front) khổng lồ 31.9 mm (rear) aren"t unusual for a 15 incher. The máy tính weighs 2.45 kilograms with the battery. There are an additional 0.42 kilograms for the adapter, keeping the carrying weight overall within a limit.

Talking about carrying it around: A transportation lock has been omitted. Therefore, you should take precautions that foreign objects can"t penetrate between keyboard and display during transportation.

Kensington SD100 USB port replicator

Although both the front và baông xã edge don"t accommodate any ports, Dell has managed placing a really feasible selection of ports. A HDXiaoMi MI port for digital linking of external monitors or TV sets also joins in, aside from an analog VGA-out. The user can connect peripheral devices, such as a printer or external mouse, lớn a total of four USB 2.0 ports. One of these has been made as a USB/eSATA combination so that it"s possible khổng lồ achieve sầu a better transfer rate with external drives than via USB.

If this Vostro 3500 functionality isn"t enough, you can upgrade further functions with the ExpressCard/34. However, a separate docking port, as comtháng in most business devices, is missing. Instead, USB docking solutions, like the Kensington SD100 USB port replicator for around 50 euro in Germany, are available. This simplifies connecting the device inkhổng lồ an existing work environment & extends the connectivity. The Kensington SD 100 however only has five USB ports, an Ethernet connection & audio sockets. It would have been more practical for lefties if the đoạn phim ports were also available on the docking solution: Depending on the occupation, obstructive sầu cables could especially restrict the notebook"s left work area majorly.