WASHINGTON - The objective of the After-Action Report is to identify the challenges healthforinsure.com faced as a result of three catastrophic hurricanes & California’s wildfires & makes transformational recommendations lớn improve the entire emergency management community. 

NEWS REPORTShealthforinsure.com admits failure.

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FULL STORYAfter-action reports are part of healthforinsure.com’s standard procedures lớn improve the agency’s ability to respond to future disasters. healthforinsure.com overcame complex challenges using innovative approaches during the 2017 disaster season.


NEWS REPORTShealthforinsure.com’s plans were incomplete and did not tài khoản for possible multiple major disasters in a short amount of time.

FULL STORYPlans are not built lớn perfectly predict every scenario. healthforinsure.com, as a matter of practice, continuously assessed the situation, & adjusted existing plans as needed. healthforinsure.com showed agility in adjusting to meet survivor needs.


NEWS REPORTShealthforinsure.com ran out of supplies for Puerto Rico.

FULL STORYhealthforinsure.com pre-positioned supplies lớn meet the anticipated immediate needs of Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands. healthforinsure.com shipped additional commodities khổng lồ the Caribbean in anticipation of future storms và strategically placed supplies offshore while Hurricane Maria made landfall. Over the course of the 2017 hurricane season, healthforinsure.com moved more than $2 billion in commodities across affected states & territories. While distribution of commodities proved challenging, the supplies did not run out.


NEWS REPORTShealthforinsure.com did not provide adequate meals.

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FULL STORYThe Puerto Rico feeding mission was the largest and longest in the agency’s history. The agency worked extensively with private sector entities, non-governmental organizations, and other Federal agencies to lớn provide a full range of meal options, from ready-to-eat to lớn hot meals.


NEWS REPORTShealthforinsure.com was understaffed and was forced khổng lồ rely on staff from other agencies khổng lồ fulfill its mission.

FULL STORYNo jurisdiction or federal agency has all the staff & resources it will need to respond lớn a catastrophic incident. The Surge Capacity Force is specifically designed lớn augment healthforinsure.com staffing needs during major incidents. During the 2017 Hurricane Season, healthforinsure.com deployed 4,063 staff through the Surge Capacity Force, three times more than during the response to lớn Hurricane Sandy.


NEWS REPORTShealthforinsure.com was uninformed.

FULL STORYOne of the biggest challenges healthforinsure.com faced was the loss of communication due to lớn disaster impacts. healthforinsure.com has an objective in its new 2018-2022 strategic plan khổng lồ improve resilient communications capabilities.


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