Boys love

In Zhuang Ling’s heart, Shu Bohang had always been his number one enemy. Bohang caused his family to lớn fall apart, & he even kept him by his side using love as an excuse. He thought that no matter what came upon Shu Bohang, it was well deserved. He wouldn’t sympathize, nor love him. But when Bohang passed away due khổng lồ an accident, he found out that not everything is as it seems khổng lồ be…



ComedyBoys' Love

In Clear Waters High School, the cheerful and humorous Justin used to be good friends with diligent Class President Ian. However, because of an unexpected note, they became gay partners in other's eyes. In their wonderful, yet unordinary 18 years old, will their "friendship" be able khổng lồ take another step further?


About Time

Boys' LoveDrama

Let him die, or live? This is a big question for Cynlas. He never managed lớn kill Mei Qianjun in the transformation of time & space, no matter what he tried! to find a effective way to lớn kill him, this time, he decided to stay by Mei's side as his brother. The plan should've worked perfectly, but after being with Mei for some time, a sense of attachment started to lớn grow. Is it possible for the two to lớn have a happier ending?


Rosy Starling

Boys' Love

Fang Zhen grew up with a strict mother in a suppressing environment. His father và the mistress died in a car accident. The mistress' young brother, Lu Qi, couldn't accept his sister's death & identity, và was admitted khổng lồ the hospital for depression. One year later, the fate brought Fang Zhen và Lu Qi together. Ignited by the flame of hatred, Fang Zhen started khổng lồ bully Lu Qi...

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Devil's Lover

Boys' Love

After being murdered, the CEO of Qi's Group travels lớn an otherworldly land & becomes its Savior. The only way lớn save the world is lớn become the wife of the God of Desire and awaken the power of new life with him?!



Boys' LoveSuspense

The story tells of Han Jin Soo, a homicide detective who seeks the truth behind the murder of his work partner a year before the story begins. As he attempts to lớn pry into the reason why his partner is killed, the more he is unknowingly involving himself deeper into a web of conspiracy.His world begins to change significantly after he và his colleague, Reed, meet Clay, a trùm cuối mob’s professional Hitman, and Theo, a seemingly impassive yet deceptive exotic dancer.Contains M/M, violence, mature themes & some offensive contents.

Dragon's First Crush Beyond Memory

Boys' LoveFantasy

As soon as Lou reached adulthood, he begged his fathers to send him to lớn magic school. Lou fell in love at first sight with Ian, the Prince of Peloders, and Ian somehow felt attracted to lớn Lou…in truth, Lou’s mother was murdered long ago by the current Emperor of Peloders, while Ian came lớn learn magic to hunt dragons…can the two of them, each harboring a secret, express their affection to lớn each other?

Fall in Mistaken Love

Boys' Love

Severely injured by the Prince on the battlefield, he wakes up lớn find that his body has been transformed. Under the arrangement of the King of Wei, he is forced lớn marry & asassinate the homosexual Prince Ye using a nhái identity.

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Trap of Desire

Boys' Love

U.S. Sheriff Miro Jones is known for staying cool & keeping impatient sheriff Ian Doyle in check. During the three years of working together, they became excellent partners và good friends. However, things start lớn get complicated when their relationship develops beyond friendship

A Crush of Sprint

Boys' Love

Young master Jin is a poor nobleman who ekes out a living with his mother. Due to lớn the huge debt, he's forced khổng lồ marry the third daughter of Jinsa Choi, Hye-sung, whom he saved from a river. But little does he know that Hye-sung is actually a man too...

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