Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea by Bath and body toàn thân Works is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Sweet Pea was launched in 2007. đứng đầu notes are Sweet Pea, Tayberry, Pear và Black Currant; middle notes are Raspberry, Freesia & Pink Peony; base notes are Plum Tree and Musk.

Sweet Pea is a female limited edition fragrance launched in 2007. đứng top notes are romantic, blending sweet pea blossom with watery pear aromas, rhubarb, violet, plum, red apple & bergamot. The heart follows with cyclamen, xanh freesia, raspberry, Madonna lily và orange blossom, drying down to lớn the base of musk, sandalwood & heliotrope. The perfume is available as 50 ml edt, with the additional toàn thân care line.

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Once upon a time, way back when this fragrance was relatively new, I used khổng lồ really love it. It"s pretty, flirty, và sweet, & there seems lớn be a current of violets in there--and I vị enjoy the scent of violets. I kept the body spray in the refrigerator for an extra cooling spritz, và I used it often. As the years went by, a lovely family thành viên gifted me with the edt, at least 2 bottles of the toàn thân spray, và a wallflower. And...I burned out on Sweet Pea. I now found it less refreshing and more cloying, as if Kool-Ade had created a floral version of their drink. I will always treasure my bottle of edt, as a reminder of the wonderful friend who gave it lớn me, & of a particular time in my life. I hope to lớn use up more of the toàn thân spray, but I doubt that I will repurchase. I would recommend it khổng lồ others, because it is pink & frilly and fun. But I would also caution them lớn use it sparingly, because sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much.

This website has launch dates all wrong. Sweet Pea came out in lượt thích 1992-93.

Sweet Pea was my first fragrance back in high school as it was for many of us. It’s floral, sweet & yet fresh. Not cloying in anyway. Its perfect for everyday just running errands. I’m almost 30 now and it’s still in my regular rotation. :)
Candy, jellies và gummies! This just reminds me of the bright green/orange/red jellies I used to lớn eat as a child. I thought I wasn"t a gourmand person but this is life-changing. It is gourmand but suitable for the humid climate of SEAsia. It lasts on clothes, although it is very light. Great khổng lồ layer with other mists và perfumes. There is a little floral but it is mostly just fruity candy.
Fresh, sweet & effortless... I have seen this and smelled it on family & friends for years but up until recently i don"t believe i actually owned a bottle. Maybe many years ago i may have had the body toàn thân lotion. I use to think this was too sweet but with all the extremely sweet fragrance so many companies have been putting out this is actually not so sweet at all. With that said i finally can say i like sweet pea very much và she will be staying in my collection.

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Usually, sweet scents smell terrible on me. Well, not terrible per se, but eventually they get overbearingly sweet khổng lồ the point of making me dizzy after a couple of hours. This scent though, is nothing lượt thích that, probably cause I use the toàn thân mist, but still, it smells lượt thích a tart, sweet candy. Its sweetness is not cloying, but I feel like it diverts more lớn a fresh-like sweetness on me; it reminds me a bit of Be Delicious by Donna Karen, not because they smell alike, but because it has that kind of tart sweet quality.It"s a very linear scent, I"d say; Always smells the same and doesn"t have much depth lớn it. Still, I like this scent very much. Perfect for spraying it on a casual day, or after a shower. It does smell kind of basic, like the stereotypical bubbly girl next door, but I"d say it"s perfect that way. Again, is not meant khổng lồ be a complex scent you"d wear lớn a fancy event, rather something to run errands and keep in a purse or backpack to retouch later.

-Sickly sweet scent.-Reminiscent of Britney spears- private show. (-)

This smells like the girl in middle school who would passive-aggressively bully you in the bathroom. It"s an absolute sugar bomb with a weird opening note that I guess is the sweet pea??? Yuck
I got this as a gift way back when & didn"t use it--and totally forgot about it until recently someone mentioned it. So I picked up a bottle. I"m glad I did! It"s a sweet floral, not cloying. I could see a woman of any age wearing this. It"s delicate and pleasant and suitable for all seasons, though I think it would be at its best in the spring, when it"s getting warm but isn"t yet hot. It"s reminiscent of white Shoulders without the powder or jasmine, just pure floral sweetness to my nose.
My first ever toàn thân mist back in elementary school, absolutely love it for the nostalgic values, less so for the actual fragrance which I felt has changed formulas over the years; it used lớn be sharper and sneeze-inducing, now it has been reduced down to lớn its bubblegummy version

this is barbie when first sprayed..after 2 minutes..it fades away....

I am not particularly a fan hâm mộ of BBW - too many fruity-sweety and/or cupcake dessert teenager scents. This, however, I may be in love with. First of all, my grandmother had the body spray of this in her medicine cabinet when I was little, though as far as I know, never used it. I used khổng lồ secretly spray it on myself after a bath when I"d spend the night at my grandparents", though since I sprayed it generously, I doubt it was as much of a secret as I hoped. Once she ran out, I forgot all about it until recently. I stopped into a BBW for some soap (their kitchen lemon is pretty nice), and, seeing the bottle, decided to spray some on, for old time"s sake. I walked out with both the EDP and the shimmer body spray. To lớn me, this smells like a curly headed little blonde girl around five years old, who gets out of the bathtub one fine spring morning lớn be snuggled into a big, fluffy towel by her mom. Mom puts a yellow seersucker dress on her and a bow in her hair, and they go out for a walk in the park with their happy-go-lucky golden retriever under the trees in the warming sunshine. Everything is beautiful, và all is right with the world. This scent is so innocent, so sweet and springy và fresh, but not cloying or overly fruity, và there is not a hint of dessert khổng lồ he found. As far as notes go, I get a lot of raspberry, freesia, và yes, sweet pea. One of my favorite things to vì with this is to lớn layer it with Elizabeth Arden Green Tea when I first get out of the shower on a summer night. Nice for a date night outside in the warm night air, or simply for going to lớn bed và dreaming sweet, innocent dreams. If anyone has these two scents, I strongly recommend trying them layered. It is absolutely lovely, layered or by itself.7/10
This is such a nostalgic scent, I"ll never not love it for that khổng lồ me, this is a clean sort of sweet. The sweet pea, freesia & peony all create a rather soapy accord & it keeps this from being *just* sweet. I keep saying this, but I"m a sucker for raspberry. Something about that ketone scent just sets raspberry apart from other fruits. It"s a indescribable tartness. The raspberry in here is sweeter và more ripe, but it still adds to lớn offset things a bit.Overall, this is incredibly youthful while not necessarily being juvenile (debatable I suppose, but I feel comfortable in it at 30). I enjoy the toàn thân care, và it"s easy to chia sẻ with my daughters.*update* I"ve destashed this because I"m planning on giving my bottle of spray and lotion khổng lồ my younger sister. She always had this growing up (I had Cucumber Melon and Black Raspberry Vanilla), & I think it would be a hoot to give it to her for her upcoming birthday!