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Wait, Kwang Soo has a girlfriend?

If you’re like me who seldom runs but watch Running Man instead, you’d know Lee Kwang Soo, & probably think Lee Kwang Soo’s girlfriend is every girl he flirted with in the show.

For those who don’t know, Lee Kwang Soo is a 33-year-old South Korean, who became a sensation after starring in SBS’s Running Man since 2010, played a role as an unlucky member, & is well-loved not just in Korea but all over the world, too: during his Running Man tour, other members were shocked at his popularity in various regions of Asia, including Singapore.

And he’s also the one who made the melodramatic tuy vậy “Saint Agnes và the Burning Train” funny.

If you somehow can’t remember hlặng, this tuy nhiên would jog your memory instantaneously:


Unlucky in Games và Love

According to lớn the producers of Running Man, the members were told to exaggerate their real-life personality on screen, and since luck can’t be exaggerated, Lee Kwang Soo is often teased for his laông xã of love sầu luông chồng instead.

That, despite hyên ổn looking tall & handsome, and of course, rich.

In the last eight years, members have sầu been laughing at his lachồng of love sầu life; well, he now finally has the last laugh.

Because it’s now official: our favourite Giraffe is now dating a beautiful 24-year-old actress / singer.

Meet Lee Sun-bin.

Lee Kwang Soo’s Girlfrikết thúc is Lee Sun-bin, A Rising Star That Eventually Became a Real Star

I won’t blame you if you’ve sầu not heard of her: the 24-year-old just propelled into stardom in the last two years.

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Prior khổng lồ that, she joined a K-pop girl group, JQT, in 2011, but the group was disbanded the following year—she was therefore a K-pop singer for less than four months.

She then became an acting trainee và starred in several commercials & music videos. Soon after, she got several supporting roles but only got noticed after a role in Squad 38, which also starred Train lớn Busan’s Ma Dong-seok.

This year, her hard work finally got recognized as she was cast as a leading role in an action drama, Sketch, together with the forever-popular Rain.


If you’d have sầu noticed, her story kind of resembled Lee Kwang Soo’s rise lớn popularity: he, too, took on supporting roles before becoming the Ah Ge of the industry.

The story of Kwang Soo & Sun Bin

If you’ve watched every Running Man episode, you’d know that these two lovebirds first met each other in an episode baông chồng in năm 2016. In the episode, both even expressed interest in each other, & Lee Kwang Soo claimed that they would get married the next week.

But as we all know, he said that to lớn every girl in the show.

On the last day of 2018, Lee Kwang Soo’s agency, King Kong by Starship, finally confirmed the news. They said, “Lee Kwang Soo và Lee Sun Bin, who met on Running Man, have been dating for 5 months.”

Apparently, prior to lớn the confirmation, the Giraffe has been bringing his new girlfriover khổng lồ outings và telling others that she’s his girlfriend. I guess being a comedian, his friends didn’t really take hyên ổn seriously.

So, now you know how Kwang Soo met his gf.


Well, it seems lượt thích shipping is very possible in Korea showbiz. I mean, we have sầu Song-Song couple (RIP khổng lồ the love sầu, though) và now Lee-Lee couple.

Kyên ổn Jong-Kook, we’re still waiting. Kim-Klặng soon? Kwang Soo Sun Bin? Lee-Kwang-Soo-Lee-Sun-Bin? Ok I’m really bad at this couples name thing.

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