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The winter can be a dull time spent indoors with very little change. But, it doesn"t have lớn be that way. There are plenty of ways to lớn spice up your daily routine, & dessert is one of them.

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Don"t let the winter get the best of you. Here are five amazing cakes you should try khổng lồ keep things fun and interesting this winter.

1. Pound Cake

This light & fluffy cake is a must-try this winter. It gets its name from how things can be measured, just like a pound of flour, a pound of butter, and a pound of eggs. There are two main ways that pound cake can be leavened. The first way is by separating the egg whites from the yolks and slowly folding the whites into the batter. The other method uses ingredients lượt thích baking powder and soda. As a result, the flavor tends to be lighter và neutral. Many lượt thích to đứng đầu it with icing, drizzle, glaze, or even fruit.

2. Genoise Cake

This cake hails from European countries lượt thích France and Italy. Being a part of the sponge cake family, the genoise calls for eggs beaten with sugar until their texture is thick & strong. After the flower is added, it is then baked và ready for assembly.

These cakes don"t tend khổng lồ have a lot of flavor on their own, making them the perfect thing lớn layer ingredients with. You can typically find them filled with buttercream and topped with the fruit-flavored drizzle of your choosing. It"s a surefire cure for any case of the winter blues.

3. Milk n" Berries Cake

The milk n berries cake is one of those hidden gems that people don"t often see. However, they are one of the most phenomenal sponge cakes out there. Being heavily soaked in cream, brandy, evaporated milk, & condensed milk, this cake has the perfect sweet and fluffy taste. It is typically served with fruit like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries & topped with a healthy dose of whipped cream. So if you want to lớn impress your friends this winter, bringing this cake to lớn the buổi tiệc nhỏ will bởi vì just the trick.

4. Chiffon Cake

The chiffon cake is a relatively newer creation that has swept the nation. Being picked up by general mills in the late forties after a salesman sold it to lớn them, they worked hard to get it into the homes of people all across the country. This cake references oil & sponge cake recipes to lớn make an interesting hybrid taste and texture. Recipes typically hotline for vegetable oil, baking powder, & eggs. The eggs are prepared by the separation và beating of the whites. The batter is baked after folding in the egg whites, yielding a smooth, rich flavor and light texture. It"s the best of both worlds.

5. Red Velvet Cake

The red velvet cake is a classic. If you haven"t tried it yet, you are missing out. If you have tried it before, you should try it again because it is just that good. Being a part of the butter cake family, you would think that it is made with butter. However, recently people have been using oil as a replacement.

The original red velvet recipe consists of white vinegar, cocoa, salt, flour, baking soda, buttermilk, vanilla extract, eggs, vegetable oil, & butter. For the frosting, you can most often find it paired with a cream cheese frosting khổng lồ subdue the rich nature of the flavor. The chemical reaction between all of the ingredients & the added cocoa makes it the deep red màu sắc that everyone loves. It is a great option lớn fulfill all of your dessert desires.


With the winter comes the holiday season directly followed by months of cold dark days. So, it is essential to lớn brighten it up with a little bit of dessert in your life. It"s no secret that cake is at the top of the các mục for dessert options. So, why not try a bunch of different ones this winter?

There are so many different types that it can be challenging to choose, so we decided to give you a few you should start with. Pound, genoise, milk n berries, chiffon, và red velvet cake are all fantastic options that are sure khổng lồ bring smiles to lớn you và your entire family.