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Wondering whether khổng lồ get (or stick with) Apple's flagship tablet from 2014, the ipad tablet Air 2, or lớn wait for an máy tính bảng ipad Pro? We compare their features, specs, pricing và more in our máy tính bảng ipad Air 2 vs ipad tablet Pro comparison review

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The Pro gets a bigger screen and a faster processorPro also has better audio and some nice new accessories

Our Verdict

The máy tính bảng ipad Pro is Apple’s biggest, fastest & of course most expensive tablet yet, coming in at $250 – probably about £200 lớn £220 – more than the ipad Air 2 at equivalent storage offerings. Is it really worth the extra money?Naturally that depends on what you want from a tablet, but we think the Pro has a lot to lớn offer. You’re getting a significantly bigger screen (78 percent more screen space), a processor that’s claimed to lớn be almost twice as fast as the already-speedy cpu in the Air 2, superior audio và access lớn swish new stylus & keyboard-cover accessories made by apple itself (although these cost even more).The Pro is a great option for digital creatives, especially if you add the Pencil stylus to the mix, and business users will also enjoy the ability to run two productivity apps side by side, each one at almost the size of an máy tính bảng ipad Air 2 screen, using tiện ích ios 9’s Split View. Gamers, too, will be wowed by that super-fast processor and should get a lot of pleasure from the audio setup.But vì chưng you really need all this power và screen space? The Air 2 looks small now, but in a year of gaming, truyền thông media watching và mobile working we’ve never found its 9.7-inch screen insufficient. The A9X chip, too, is for the time being absolute overkill: the Air 2 can comfortably run every tiện ích we throw at it. It’ll be a while yet before the Pro’s extra muscle really shows its worth – although it will vày so eventually, future-proofing being one of its advantages over the Air 2.For the general user, even one lượt thích the author who enjoys high-end gaming và plans to use their tablet for work and truyền thông consumption as well as the lighter email/web-browsing duties that could be accomplished happily by an ipad mini 2, the Air 2 is likely to be a better-value option than the Pro. We would recommend that device only to lớn those whose professional or day-to-day habits require its capabilities. Digital artists may well find it worth the money, và business users too – especially if work is paying.Think carefully before committing all that money, và focus on the physical differences, which affect both your screen space & the portability of your device. When discussing new ‘form factors’ we often advise readers – assuming they can’t pop into an táo bị cắn Store và feel the devices for themselves – to mock up cardboard effigies of the two items under consideration (using the dimensions above) và play around with them. See if it fits in that bag you like. Imagine watching a film on the screen. Try to work out if it’s right for you và your lifestyle.

Price When Reviewed

$799 (32GB, WiFi); $899 (128GB, WiFi); $999 (256GB, WiFi); $1,029 (128GB, cellular), $1129 (256GB, cellular)

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