City Color Be Matte Lipstick

It seems to me that as City màu sắc Cosmetics grows as a brand, they’re going back into the vault of their cult faves và making their popular products even better with newer versions. Last month, they re-released their Contour Effects palettes, & now they’re back at it again with their new Be Matte Lipsticks, which will launch October 5th, 2016!


With all new packaging và shades, the City màu sắc Cosmetics Be Matte Lipsticks are back looking better than ever. I’m loving the sleek đen packaging with the brand’s heart emblem in metallic pink. These tubes feel so much more secure than the previous square-shaped Be Matte packaging in the clear tops, và look altogether more chic.

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There are five new fall-ready shades in the re-release:


Chloe is a very light nude beige that has pink undertones, making it more wearable.


Ariana is a light, dusty pink that works as a great neutral pop of màu sắc that can be a nice finishing cảm biến for all sorts of looks.


Cammi is a beautiful violet that has red undertones so as it fades, it leans more magenta.

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Jenny is a hot rose red that screams “Snow White” lips lớn me— beautiful for daytime or a night out.


Lana is a deeper ruby red with xanh undertones, making it work for many skin tones và your teeth will look sparkling white!

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The formula of these lipsticks are quite interesting— they go on completely opaque, but they don’t glide onto the lips very easily. You vày need a bit of pressure khổng lồ sweep the màu sắc across, but once applied, they feel creamy & moisturizing while maintaining a demi-matte appearance. Out of these five shades, Chloe is the most matte with hardly any sheen coming through, followed by Ariana. As for the others, don’t expect a flat matte finish. There is a teensy bit of shine, though I suppose it’s not a bad trade-off for the comfort of wear.


After a couple hours of wear and eating a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, I found Cammi to lớn hold up really well when testing, though it lost the matte finish after my meal. The màu sắc was still holding on though, without any patchiness at all! Besides eating, these will hang in there with minimal fading throughout the day.

For only $7.99, these lipsticks are definitely worth picking up if you see a shade you love. They’ll be available on the City color website on Wednesday, October 5th, and you can get 10% off your online order with the code

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