'call of duty: black ops cold war' lands on november 13th

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Developers at Treyarch & Raven Software are worried about the terrible nguồn that propaganda, disinformation and conspiracy theories have to lớn construct systems of inequality and tư vấn dangerous dictators. So, naturally, they built a game that perpetuates a famous conspiracy theory.

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Call of Duty: đen Ops Cold War lands on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 13th, & it’ll hit next-gen consoles once those arrive this holiday season. Cold War covers a long swathe of dense ground, spanning the Vietnam War in 1968 lớn the height of atomic tensions in the 1980s. The bulk of the game takes place in 1981, but there are a few trippy, nightmarish flashback levels mix in the middle of a Vietnam battlefield. A single, mysterious person connects these eras & the game’s espionage-heavy storyline: Perseus.


All of this paranoia-mongering & malleable reality is standard fare for black Ops. Cold War is a direct sequel to lớn the original Black Ops, which came out in 2010, and it stars a cast of recurring & new faces. The elite agents Alex Mason, Frank Woods và Jason Hudson return -- wiped of all Soviet reconditioning efforts, surely -- & this time they’re joined by President Ronald Reagan, who sets them the task of unmasking Perseus before he or she enacts atomic justice on the US.

Unlike most other hotline of Duty titles, there are multiple endings in Cold War, và branching narrative paths that players can take to lớn get khổng lồ each one. How players make their way through the game, & when they decide to lớn jump into side missions, will dictate which ending they receive. Treyarch and Raven haven’t laid out exactly how many endings Cold War has, but the trò chơi has multiple save slots, meaning players will be able khổng lồ boot up completed missions, try a different action, và see how it affects the rest of the game from there.

At the top, Cold War features a character-creation system that allows players to lớn select their name, skin tone, place of birth, military background and gender. Developers have added a “Classified” option lớn the gender drop-down list, which translates lớn “non-binary” in the game, populating they/them pronouns in dialogue scenes. There’s no voice actor for the main character, regardless of the selected gender.

“We didn’t want the character lớn have a voice,” Dan Vondrak, creative director at Raven, said. “We wanted the player to lớn be the one with the voice. It wasn’t a production thing, it was this philosophical thing và there were debates either way.”


It’s unclear just how much of Cold War takes place in this Vietnam war nightmare land, so perhaps it is laughable khổng lồ consider letting players sneak their way through these scenes. Or maybe there’s a plot point tied directly khổng lồ the number of Vietnamese soldiers that players gun down. After all, if Treyarch is aiming for authenticity, that would fit. As the US Army didn’t have a clear indicator of progress throughout the Vietnam war, it used toàn thân counts to measure the success or failure of any given mission.

Such a mechanic would be ridiculously tone deaf, even for call of Duty. Overall, it seems Treyarch và Raven are approaching Cold War’s Vietnam storyline the same way they’d handle any other battle scene in any other installment: authenticity only lớn the point of entertainment. Discomfort isn’t the goal. Playability is.

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To that end, the Vietnam scenes look engaging, lush and mysterious, with a surreal edge that makes them stand out from classic call of Duty fare. History adds a twinge of unease lớn the scenes of US soldiers slaughtering Vietnamese people, but for the majority of players, it’ll pass unnoticed.


Besides, most people pick up hotline of Duty every year for multiplayer, not the single-player campaign. Khổng lồ that end, Cold War will support cross-platform play, a new Zombies mode, and shared nội dung with Call of Duty: Warzone, Activision’s battle royale franchise. Cold War & Warzone will have shared progression features as well -- but that’s basically all Activision, Treyarch or Raven have confirmed for now. The điện thoại tư vấn of Duty Twitch channel will chia sẻ more information about non-campaign things on September 9th.

There are three versions of Cold War available to lớn pre-order today: the Standard Edition ($60), Cross-Gen Bundle ($70) and Ultimate Edition ($90). The Standard version unlocks the game on Xbox One, PS4 or PC, while the Cross-Gen và Ultimate bundles activate the game on next-gen console counterparts as well.

Treyarch & Raven were an unlikely pairing for Cold War. Sledgehammer Games was originally scheduled khổng lồ create this installment with Raven Software, but that partnership fell apart in 2019 and Treyarch stepped in. This speed bump, alongside a global pandemic that’s shifted the business models of most industries, could’ve spelled disaster for Cold War. Instead, it seems Treyarch & Raven have firm control over their own version of the Cold War, & all of the atrocities they want to inflict on it.

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