Bộ Tứ 10A8

It"s a North Vietnamese Drama and will be aired on VTV3 Mondays through Friday. It"s kind of lượt thích High School Musical. This is a comedy musical drama for teens. 260 or more episodes. Each episode is 7 minutes.


Phan Linh nickname Link, is your average girl who just started high school. She dreams of becoming a famous singer. Link"s rival và classmate Rosy, a snobby Vietnamese American girl, has already auditioned for their school"s musical play before Link. Link"s brother vì chưng Do on the other hand, is always greedy for money. He dreams of making riches using her talent in singing & form a music company of his own. Tensions between links and Rosy began khổng lồ rise when Minh Hoang (hottest boy in school) chose links as his partner in the musical.

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Phan Linh


Nickname: Pretty Link

Biography: She"s your average girl. She lives a very happy life with her mom, dad, and big brother.

Trivia/Skills - Always get bullied by her big brother. She"s a singer.

Interests - Music

Idols - Christina Aguilera, My Tam

Dream - Become a famous singer

Hobbies - Central Vietnamese Food, Spicy Food, photo booth picture taking

Style of Fashion - đáng yêu Look

Relationships - Little sister of vì chưng Do. Friends of La La and Mai Lam. Also has a crush on Minh Hoang.

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Rival of Rosy.

Do vày


Real Name: Phan Do

Bio: He is the older brother of Pham Linh

Trivia/Skills - Always likes lớn bully younger sister

Interests - Likes to make money

Idol - Bill Gates, the richest man on Earth

Dream - Become rich.

Hobbies - Eat, sleep, play video clip games, pick on little sister, và likes lớn eat

at KFC.

Style of Fashion - Hip Hop Fashion/Street Fashion

Mai Lam


Real Name: Hoang Mai Lam

Bio: She has four sisters. She"s one of Phan Linh"s best friends.

Trivia - She"s a tomboy

Interests - She likes lớn study about the world & society

Idols - Bac Ho

Dream - Study Abroad

Hobbies - Play Harmonica, Write newspapers và read newspapers. She likes to lớn study about society & the world outside.

Style of Fashion - Tomboy

La La


Real Name: Ly Lan Nhi

Biography: One of Phan Linh"s best friends. Both parents are divorced when she was 5.

Trivia/Skills - She is good at sewing & designing clothes.

Interests - Fashion

Idols - Anna Wintour

Hobbies - Dance, FTV, Fashion Shows, Window Shopping, Sewing

Studies - Proficient in English and lượt thích to study Chinese. Always try to lớn get straight As.

Relationship - friend of Phan Linh and Mai Lam. She also hates Rosy (Hong My).

Rosy/Hong My -


Real Name: Ngo Hong My

American Name - Rosy

Nickname - A May (some of her classmates also điện thoại tư vấn her that)

Bio: Born in United States. At three, she moved back khổng lồ Vietnam. She is an only child.

Trivia - Snobby, selfish, và excellent at singing. She represents Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical.

Ultimate Interest - Popularity in School

Dream - Become famous

Hobbies - photography, shopping, fashion, flirting,

Relationships - Rival of link (Phan Linh) and has a crush on Minh Hoang (the hot boy).

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