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If you were watching anime in 2011, you most likely remember Blue Exorcist. It was a popular shounen at the time, though maybe not at the level of Hunter x Hunter or Gintama, which both came out the same year. The series has two Seasons, a film, and an OVA, và it’s heavily rumored that a third Season might be in the works, so there’s no time lượt thích the present to try và get involved with the series.

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Blue Exorcist is adapted from a manga of the same name that is penned by Kazue Kato. It is a dark fantasy series that follows teenager Rin Okumura, a boy who often finds himself in trouble despite his good heart. When his & his brother Yukio’s surrogate father is killed by Satan, they find out that Satan is their true father, & Rin’s demonic powers are awakened. Rin vows revenge on Satan and begins studying under Yukio to lớn become an exorcist.

It may seem like a pretty straightforward series, but it’s worth noting that there’s a bit of complexity in the timeline of the series between Seasons one và two. So before you watch, take a second lớn read through and decide in which order you’d like to experience this supernatural fantasy.

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Season 1

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Of course, the best place to lớn start is with the first Season. Season one has twenty-five episodes and adapts volumes one through four of the manga. It sets up the series as a whole, introduces the world of Blue Exorcist, và establishes the characters. It also finishes on a huge cliffhanger & conflict for the series.

Or it would, if the first Season had strictly followed the source material of the manga. The manga based storyline of Season one ended with episode sixteen. This is because the anime had actually run out of source material; the writers of the anime had lớn come up with a story khổng lồ fill the rest of the first Season. Episodes seventeen through twenty-five contain an anime-exclusive arc that receives mixed nhận xét from fans, and overall is considered non-canon.

If you would prefer to only see the story of Blue Exorcist as adapted from the manga, stop at episode sixteen & move on. If you want to khung your own opinion on the anime-only storyline, keep watching until the end. Just be warned; it may make things a little muddy later.

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Blue Exorcist’s OVA, Runaway Kuro, should be watched after finishing Season one. Watching the first Season helps to establish the connection between Rin và fuzzy feline demon companion Kuro, which makes the OVA that much more heartfelt. Ultimately, you don’t have to watch the OVA at all to lớn understand Blue Exorcist. However, that’s part of the fun of it; the OVA is a little silly, very adorable, and a highly enjoyable twenty-four minutes that you won’t regret.

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Blue Exorcist’s second Season, dubbed the Kyoto Saga, consists of twelve episodes & adapts volumes five through nine of the manga. This Season is where things get a bit messy. It’s recommended khổng lồ start this Season right after episode sixteen of Season one. That’s where the Kyoto Saga starts, & if you are new to lớn the series, it’s a bit jarring lớn finish all twenty-five episodes of Season one only khổng lồ move on lớn Season two và have it not acknowledge the last nine episodes of the previous Season.

It’s a good Season that helps establish the relationship between Rin & his classmates. For those who enjoyed the anime-only arc of the previous season, though, it might be a little frustrating.

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Blue Exorcist: The Movie exists in a weird place in the timeline of the series. It’s a standalone from the source material, so it isn’t a manga adaptation, & in release order, it should be watched after Season one, as it was released in 2012. However, it is at the over of this timeline because it can actually fall in two places, depending on how you want to watch the series.

If you watch Season one all the way through lớn the end, the best time to watch the movie is between episodes eighteen & nineteen. This is roughly where the film takes place chronologically, & that makes sense, as both the ending of Season one và the movie are both unrelated lớn the manga. However, if you choose khổng lồ stop watching Season one at episode sixteen, it’s recommended that you wait lớn watch Blue Exorcist: The Movie until you’ve finished all the other parts of the anime.

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Yeah, this is a watch guide. However, it’s impossible to lớn talk about Blue Exorcist as an anime without mentioning its manga. The manga currently has twenty-seven volumes, and the anime has only covered nine of them. So, if you’re eager for more after finishing the Kyoto Saga, try picking up the manga lớn continue the story! While you could start at volume ten after watching the anime, it is best lớn start at the beginning. There’s plenty of small things the anime leaves out, và it’s interesting khổng lồ see how certain scenes và battles play out in print versus on the screen. Plus, the arc directly after the Kyoto arc is absolutely wild; why wait for it lớn be animated?

Of course, you can also read the manga first and amp yourself up for the anime. There’s no wrong choice on when to lớn read the manga.

This is the ideal order for watching Blue Exorcist: Season one until episode sixteen, OVA, Season two, and Blue Exorcist: The Movie. However, if you don’t want lớn skip the anime-only ending of Season one, the order should be more like this: Season one, Blue Exorcist: The Movie between episodes eighteen and nineteen of Season one, OVA, the Season two. It may seem odd to lớn have two different orders lớn watch in, but both are perfectly fine depending on your preference in storyline và whether you prefer khổng lồ be a manga purist or embrace the anime-exclusive content. Regardless of how you choose khổng lồ watch, one thing is for sure; you will love this exciting, kích hoạt packed shounen title & have fun following it.

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