While developing ios apps, developers are focusing on various technologies lớn deliver a richer user experience. Touch 3d is one such giải pháp công nghệ introduced by táo bị cắn dở that completely transforms the mobile phầm mềm development. Cảm ứng 3 chiều made its debut in the iPhone in September năm trước and it is accepted as a brilliant piece of screen technology. This feature is borrowed from táo Watch, and it allows users lớn apply various levels of pressure on the iPhone’s cảm ứng screen.

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What is 3 chiều Touch?

3D cảm biến is a newly added feature to lớn the iPhone and is based on force touch technology. It gives the users a new phối of gestures to khuyến mãi with the apps" icons and details on the screen.

The idea behind cảm biến 3 chiều is lớn sense the amount of pressure your finger applies lớn the screen and trigger various actions. Cảm ứng 3 chiều enables soft press & hard press rather than the short press or long-press.

The cảm biến 3 chiều has 3 levels of input based on pressure sensitivity. This công nghệ is not available on all iPhones - iPhone XR does not support it for example. Here are the iPhone models that get 3d touch:

iPhone 6siPhone 6s PlusiPhone 7iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 8iPhone 8 PlusiPhone XiPhone XS

3D Touch’s Best Features on iPhone

Quick Actions right away from home Screen to access shortcutsPeek và Pop, preview nội dung without having to mở cửa itLive photos, enable multitasking

Before moving deep into 3 chiều features và implementation, it is important khổng lồ ensure your device compatibility with 3 chiều Touch. Ios developers use this code snippet to check 3D cảm biến availability in the given device:

Check 3 chiều Compatibility
App Switcher – The left edge of the iPhone force touch can enable tiện ích Switcher rather than using double tap on the trang chủ button.

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Cursor positioning - Force cảm ứng on keyboard keystrokes allows moving cursor & selecting any word. This makes rewriting simple.
Control Center - Control Center if you firmly press on the Wifi/Bluetooth section, more menus will mở cửa up including Airdrop và Hotspot.
Flashlight - Press firmly on the Flashlight to set the intensity of brightness
Folder - Press firmly on the folder to rename the folder. In addition, if any of the apps have notifications & that will also be notified.

Overall, we can say that the future of touch 3d is very bright as most enterprises hire ios developers to lớn unlock all its potential in their app. Enterprises saw the light và updating their apps to support this new way of access on the iPhone.

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